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On 23/04/2003 Sambalpur Public Library has been established with registration No SBL-5771-7-07 2003-04 to cater to the needs of the fast growing population of sambalpur. This is a unique institution because it has grown both in terms of quality and quantity not only acting as a store house of knowledge but also disseminating this to our people both in respect of secular and spiritual spheres. SPL is transforming its learners through knowledge dissimilation to face challenges and become good citizens. The discourse on spiritual knowledge imparted by it is also helping them with aspiration:  to break their egos, open their hearts expand their consciousness and deepening their sprits.


SPL is promoting a climate to break down separation and build of unity. The essential unity of sprit and awareness of life in all of us is the key. Real glory is life of unity and happiness; this is the glory and uniqueness of the library. A new consciousness is created to bring peace & harmony through understanding and reconciliation for growth and progress.


The concentration of feeling, the integration of purpose the stability of will and above all the totality of outlook of all governing body members go to constitute the Foundation of Sambalpur Public Library and here lies our uniqueness and richness(in knowledge) of the library. The composition of the governing body no doubt reflects the diversities of the civil society but our miracle lies in maintaining and promoting the essential unity. Diversity is a fact but our unity is a greater fact because these diversities may change but our unity will remain unchanged. Thus the library is “a creative process of wonderful manifestation of God’s beauty”.

The charitable institute “Shakuntala Bidyadhar trust” and Dr. Bimbadhar Pujari trust have provided necessary funds for purchase of land for building and establishment of computer section respectively. Apart from the financial support from the corporates and M.P/M.L.A LAD funds, a number of well-wishers of the library have donated funds for the construction of three storied building and purchase of books etc. Some of us are also contributing regularly.

The Infrastructural facilities such as thre spacious reading hall , one computer lab with internet & WI-FI facilities ,Lecture Hall, Safe drinking water, toilet ,Guest room,Security guard quarters  Office room etc, are in place for the benefit of the users.


The existing library building was inaugurated by the eminent poet Padmashree Jayanta Mohapatra. The Library is a nodal institution for ensuring, enhancing, fostering and creating knowledge. “The Children Corner” of the Library is promoting reading and writing habits among children where-as the Computer Section is empowering the youth to increase their proficiency in communication, and internet facilities for job market.

The Library is also running 12 Job-oriented courses such a DCA, ADCA, PGDCA, DCS, ADCS, PGDCS, Web Designing, E-commerce, DAP, CCSITS, CCS and CIT on behalf of Odisha state open University. All these courses empower the youth and others to enhance their domain knowledge, soft skill knowledge and softest skill knowledge which are helpful in job market and promoting global competency in them.

Needless to mention that the suggestions of the library on the basic of spot study Report by the President on Kashmir issue have been appreciated by Govt of India and sent to J.K Govt. for appropriate action.

In addition to all these  “BAHI MORA SATHI” an innovative programme to promote reading and writing habits among the school children was launched which received encouraging response from children and parents. This fantastic programme was appreciated by the Principal Secretary Govt. of Odisha of SME and Govt. have been pleased to declare 2018 as “Reading Year” The R.D.C, collector, teachers, volunteers and stack-holders of Public Library patronized the said programme.

BAHI MORA SATHI movement has created as great impact. Inspired by it the library has created a “Think-Thank” which after due examination has suggested 67 point recommendations for enhancement and sustenance of quality in schools which have been sent to the Govt for their consideration and appropriate action.


In honor of an eminent son of the soil Dr. Janardan Pujari a project has been launched entitled “Dr. Janardan Pujari centre for Happiness” where in lectures, seminars, discussion, group discussions on related topics are organized at regular intervals.


Such activities will promote truth, non violence, brotherhood, peace & harmony and above all unity among all sections of the population, besides love for the motherland. Special attention is focused on mind management to overcome tensions, worries, sufferings and conflicts.

Besides, three memorial lectures to pay tribute to the eminent sons of the soil like Dr. J.Pujari, Bhagirathi Pattanaik, and Chandra Sekhar Behera are organized every year to awaken the spirit in the youth. One monthly lecture on national and International topics of importance are also regularly organized where reputed personalities of the society are invited to participate.


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