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“During the last one year, the library had increased its activities. Now the library has 17 members in the Executive Committee, 13 patron members, 24 benefactor members, 41 life members, 291 annual members and 858 student members.”

  • Any person, irrespective of caste, creed, colour, religion, sex and race, having faith in
    the aims and objectives of the society is eligible to become a member.
  • The society shall have different categories members as follows :
    • (a) Chief Patron and Patron:
      • (i) The Revenue Divisional Commission (N.D.), Sambalpur shall be the Chief .
      • (ii) Persons having an outstanding contribution of national/International repute can be invited by the Executive Committee to become Patrons of the Society.
      • (iii) Persons paying Rs. 20,000/-at the time of joining the Society shall be Patrons.
    • (b)Life members- Persons paying Rs. 5000/- at the time of joining the Society shall be a life member.
    • (c) Annual Member -A person can be a member of the Society for one year by paying the annual membership subscription of Rs. 100,/ The membership can be renewed from year to year.
    • (d) Institutional Member -Institutions can become members of the Society by paying Rs.5000/-.
    • (e) student Member – All bonafide students can become annual members of the Society on payment of a token membership fce of Rs.10/- per year. Each student will have to deposit Rs. 100/ as caution money to get books from the library. This caution money is refundable.
  • A person/institution, desirous of becoming a member of the Society, has to apply to the Member Secretary in the form to be prescribed with the requisite membership fees.
  • All applications for membership shall be put up before the Executive Committee in the next meeting. The Executive Committee shall after due scrutiny in the light of the aims and objectives of the Society, admit the new members. The Executive Committee has got the right to refuse membership to any particular individual with grounds for such refusal.


  • (1) A person shall cease to be a member, if he resigns, dies, becomes of unsound mind, declared insolvent by a court of law or convicted of any offence involving moral turpitude.
  • (2) Annual members shall automatically cease to be members if their membership is not renewed within one year from the date of joining the Society.
  • (3) If a member is engaged in activities detrimental to the aims and objectives of the society, the Executive Committee, after giving due opportunity to the member , to explain his conduct , can terminate his membership with a resolution passed in 2/3rd majority of the members present.


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